Baptists in Prayer

Thank you for joining us this week, as we join in prayer for our worldwide Baptist Family.

Churches, individuals, and organizations are invited to join the Staff of the BWA each week as we pray for the Baptist family around the world.  Please add prayers appropriate to current news from the countries below, as needed. We share prayer time each Wednesday morning at the BWA International Office in Falls Church, Virginia, USA. Questions or Comments: email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.          


All Baptists are invited to join us in prayer for the following countries:

Argentina, Paraguay & Uruguay

And the member bodies in these countries: 

  • Argentine Baptist Association (ABA) (Asociación Bautista Argentina)- 64 churches with 8,300 members
  • Evangelical Baptist Convention of Argentina (Convención Evangélica Bautista Argentina)- 670 churches with 85,000 members
  • Baptist Evangelical Convention of Paraguay (Convención Evangélica Bautista de Paraguay)- 250 churches with 20,000 members
  • Baptist Evangelical Convention of Uruguay (Convención Evangélica Bautista del Uruguay)- 70 churches with 3,200 members


God of life, 
you put in human beings 
the imprint of your image and likeness 
and made us to participate with you in your creation. 
Forgive our incapacity to respect and protect life in all its forms. 

God of justice, 
you call us to travel this path 
which is the only route leading to true peace. 
Forgive our daily acts of injustice 
which condemn many, many persons to death 
by hunger, exclusion and war, 
and lead us to the abyss of endless violence. 

God, incarnate in history, 
forgive us because we imprison you in our dogmas, 
limiting you to our religious institutions 
and crucifying you alongside the vulnerable of our time. 

O God, strengthen us in our daily work for a world more just, 
accepting differences, built on diversity. 
Renew our commitment to peace with justice, 
a commitment which denounces the arrogance 
of those who believe that they are powerful 
and own the lives of all the rest. 
Give us a vision to banish violence in all its forms. 
Establish as the foundation of our lives, 
and the lives of our people, 
respect, equality, truth and justice.

(Bishop Nelly Ritchie, Buenos Aires, Argentina. © Red de Liturgia del CLAI; English transl. Terry MacArthur, WCC)



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