Development Projects

For 96 years BWAid, with the help of Baptist around the world, has worked to alleviate poverty and hunger. We give thanks to God for all he has been able to achieve through BWAid

There is a tremendous need to be met in our world, and our Baptist family is working to do their part. Through our BWA family we can support sustainable community development projects managed by Baptist conventions and unions around the globe.  Join us in providing tools and resources needed to help end hunger and poverty.

When we all work together we can achieve so much more. We look forward to partnering with you to achieve more in His name.

 The unique thing about BWAid is that we work with and through our member bodies of the Baptist World Alliance (BWA), entrusting, empowering and enabling national leadership as they seek to alleviate suffering in our world.


We Need Your Help!

Each year we raise money to feed the hungry, heal the sick, provide access to education for children, and improve agriculture methods. Below you will find areas where your partnership is needed.


Hunger Development Projects

Funding Goal: $300,000 USD

Hunger continues to be one of the greatest problems facing our world today. There are many causes. Natural disasters and human made catastrophes have a devastating effect on food production. Poor people in the developing world spend up to 80% of their income to buy food, usually basics such as wheat, rice or corn.

BWAid doesn't only feed the hungry, but looks at some of the causes, and seeks to alleviate them. Sometimes hunger funds are needed to purchase or ship food to those who are hungry. At other times, we can provide the resources for people to grow their own food.

In the USA, funds can be designated to BWAid from CROP Hunger Walk activities.


Project Title: Roof Restoration for Genocide Survivors
Coordinating Convention/Union: Association of Baptist Churches in Rwanda (AEBR)
Funding Goal: US$10,000
Donations: US$6,7000
Amount Needed: US$3,300

Project objective:  This project will help repair aging housing of low income survivors of genocide and  prevent collapse and injury to occupants.

The local Baptist community in the Huye District noticed a need among their number and took the initiative to begin the project to restore the homes of low income genocide survivors. With the help and financial support of Baptists around the world, the citizens in Huye District can made a difference in the lives of those in their community.  The labor to build the house will be provided from members of the  community.

Central African Republic:

Project Title: Peace-building and Trauma Healing Seminars
Coordinating Convention/Union: Association of Baptist Churches of Central African Republic
Funding Goal: US$19,000
Donations: US$14,600
Amount Needed: US$4,400

Since December 10, 2012, the Central African Republic has experienced a civil war that displaced over 300,000 people.  This conflict between rebels and the government have affected access to food, drinking water, and health services. These internally displaced persons (IDPs) have experienced many things that are traumatic and a need for healing is needed.

This project will be managed by the Association of Baptist Churches of Central African Republic. The project will coordinate seven seminars to educate Christian leaders on how to better assist those in need of healing from traumatic events, such as civil war. This project also will includes peacebuilding talks between Christians and Muslims.