Dunn resigns BWA position to pursue pastoral opportunity

Emmett Dunn, director of the Baptist World Alliance (BWA) Youth Department and congress director, has resigned his position to pursue opportunities in the pastorate.

His resignation takes effect July 31 and comes after 22 years of service to the BWA, where he began working on August 1, 1994.

“I attach great value to this organization and will always cherish the years I served,” Dunn said in his letter of resignation.

Dunn will take up full time pastoral responsibilities of the West Hyattsville Baptist Church in Maryland, a congregation he has been serving over the past two years. “It is my conviction, after much prayer, that God is leading me to serve this local congregation and I won’t be yielding to God’s call if I left the congregation at this point and time,” Dunn elaborated.

The Liberian native has pledged his continued support to the BWA. “Because of my commitment to the BWA and belief in the value it brings to the global family, I am making myself available to serve in whatever capacity that may become available.”

“Twenty two years of service to a single organization is an outstanding accomplishment,” said BWA General Secretary Neville Callam. “During this period, Emmett has participated in numerous national and regional events involving Baptist youth around the world. He also offered leadership in Baptist Youth World Conferences in Houston, Hong Kong, Leipzig and Singapore.”

Callam pointed to Dunn’s signal contribution in other meetings and conferences of the BWA, the international umbrella organization for Baptist Christians. “Emmett served as logistics director for the BWA Annual Gathering for nine consecutive years and for the Baptist World Congresses in Birmingham, Honolulu and Durban.”

The general secretary declared that “BWA owes a huge debt of gratitude to him. Emmett’s return to the pastorate is based on the conviction that this is what the Holy Spirit is leading him to do and we expect him to be as effective in his leadership of a local church as he was in service with BWA.”

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